Activities / News

Final Report to DFG & Meeting July 18th, at 15:00 in A102

To discuss and prepare the work distribution and responsibilities for the final report.

We will start the meeting with a short talk of Samam Khodaverdian
on "Synchronization of heterogeneous multi-agent systems through partial homogenization" (presentation of research plan
as last part of intermediate evaluation).

PhD Defense Daniel Jacobi on 22 March 2016, at 16:00 in A102

The PhD defense will take place on March 22th at 16:00 in room A102

Title: Secure Multi-Purpose Wireless Sensor Networks

The PhD defense of Stefan Kohlbrecher

The PhD defense Stefan Kohlbrecher will take place on Dezember 2th at 9:00 in A102.

Title: A Holistic Approach for Highly Versatile Supervised Autonomous Urban Search and Rescue Robots

Talks by Prof. Yunghsiang S. Han and Prof. Po-Ning Chen on Monday, July 13, 13:30, in Room S306/249

Prof. Han and Prof. Chen are with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and the National Chiao Tung University Taiwan will first give an overview on their research and then detail some selected recent research results in the areas of coding theory as well as power allocation.

PhD Defense Stefan Kurowski on August 6th, 13:30 in A102

The PhD defense will take place on August 6th at 13:30 in A102.

Title: A systematic approach to the design of embodiment with application to bio-inspired compliant legged robots

Ph.D. defense of Mohammadreza Mahmudimanesh

Mohammadreza Mahmudimanesh has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on July 7th 2015. His dissertation topic is about "Efficient Spatio-Temporal Sampling in Wireless Sensor Networks based on Compressive Sampling".

Oral PhD defense of Juan Manuel Delfa Victoria on June 17th, at 13:00 in A102

Title:   Automated Hierarchical, Forward-Chaining Temporal Planner for Planetary Robots Exploring Unknown Environments

Talk by Prof. Strufe on Wednesday June 10th, at 2pm, in B002

The talk will cover his work on P2P Systems,  Title "Darknets"

Talk by Dr. Christian Renner on Monday May 4th at 9:00, in S4/14, 5.3.01

Perpetual Operation Based on Opportunistic Communication in Self-Sustained, Energy-Harvesting Sensor Networks