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Upcoming Talk: "Privacy-preserving access control for the Internet of Things", Dr. Christoph Sorge

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Upcoming Talk: "An Institutional Framework for On-Line Trust", Prof. Aad van Moorsel

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Darmstadt Rescue Robot Team: 3rd place at SICK Robot Day 2009


The Darmstadt Rescue Team finished this year's SICK Robot Day on third place.


12 European teams participated in the 2009 SICK Robot Day trying to autonomously detect and approach numbers 0-9 in a 30 by 40 meters arena.


The "Kobra" team from Uni Koblenz finished on first place while our team achieved the same score as the runner up. Unfortunately we were penalized because we carefully touched parts of the arena. 


Upcoming Talk: "Self-Organizing Distributed Smart Camera Systems", Prof. Jörg Hähner

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GKmM contributing to NE{S|T}COC in Stuttgart

Participants of the GKmMFrom 28th to 29th of September the NE{S|T}COC Symposium and Workshop was held in Stuttgart, Germany. The two-day event was organized by Prof. Frank Allgöwer, who was already invited by the GKmM to talk about "Communication Networks in Control: New Dimensions of Complexity" in April, 2009.

Kim Listmann and Christian Reinl presented their work at a symposium in Salzburg

Kim Listmann and Christian Reinl  presented results to participants form industry and research. Their topics were

"Synchronization of non-linear dynamic systems: An approach using Passivity and Backstepping" (Kim Listmann) and "MILP-based optimal control of multi-vehicle systems" (Christian Reinl).

Both are is pleased about fruitful discussions and about getting in touch with interesting specialists.


GKmM Quad-rotor gained 1st Place in European Flight Competition

The quad-rotor flying above the LichtwieseThe research quad-rotor developed by GKmM PhD students successfully participated at the flight competition of the European Micro Air Vehicle Conference (EMAV) and gained the 1st place in class "Outdoor Autonomy". The conference was held from september 14th until september 17th at TU Delft, Netherlands.

Upcoming Talk: "The AirShield Project", Dipl.-Ing. Kai Daniel

It is my pleasure to invite you to our next regular GRK seminar on

*** Wed Sept 23, 2009, 1:30pm ***

in room A102 of the Piloty building.

Dipl.-Ing. Kai Daniel,
Communication Networks Institute (CNI),
Dortmund University of Technology

The AirShield Project

AirShield (Airborne Remote Sensing for Hazard Inspection by Network-Enabled
Lightweight Drones) is a BMBF funded research project in the field of "Civilian