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18.12.2013, 15.00h Talk by Javier López

Dear GKmM members,

in our last seminar of 2013, on Wednesday, December 18th, Javier López will be talking about the most recent work on UAV.

He will present a tilt-rotor aircraft with Vertical Takeoff and Landing capabilities developed by some students, and talk about the challenges that such a high agile aircraft supposes for the flight control, pointing out a roadmap for future research he wants to pursue.

Title: High Agile Aircrafts: Advantages of VTOL Tilt-Rotor MAV.

04.12.2013, 15.00h Talk by Iliya Gurov

In our next GKmM seminar on Wednesday, December 4th, Iliya Gurov will talk about the work he has recently done, namely: “On the Selection of Testbeds for the Evaluation of Sensor Network Protocols and Applications” and point out some future directions that he wants to pursue.



20.11.2013, 15.00h Talk by Philipp Scholl

Speaker: Philipp Scholl

Title: Activity Recognition with Instrumented Artifacts: The Wavelet Approach.

06.11.2013, 15.00h Talk by Dingwen Yuan

Title: Let's Talk Together - Understanding Concurrent Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks

Date: WED, 06.10.2013, 15:00h

Room A102, Building S202 

Speaker: Dingwen Yuan, SEEMOO, TU Darmstadt


30.10.2013, 15.00h Talk by Dr. Utz Rödig, Lancaster University: Novel Security Mechanisms for Networked Embedded Systems

Title: Novel Security Mechanisms for Networked Embedded Systems

Date: WED, 30.10.2013, 15:00h

Room 111, S3/20 (seminar room of KOM)

Speaker: Dr. Utz Rödig, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University


Summer School 2014

Based on the results of the doodle poll and the availability of Burg Ebernburg, the date for your Summer School has been set to Sunday afternoon, Sep 28th, 2014 to Thursday afternoon, Oct 2nd, 2014 at Burg Ebernburg.


Please save the date!

22.10.2013, 15.00h Talk by Prof. Paolo Frasca, University of Twente

The speaker will be presenting "Pairwise-Optimal Graph Partitioning by Gossiping Robots", which includes interesting aspects about communication and coordination of multi-robot or mobile sensor systems.

09.10.2013, 15.00h Talk by Lukas Klodt

In the GKmM seminar on Wednesday, Lukas Klodt will talk about a recently submitted paper, namely "Revisiting Coverage Control in Nonconvex Environments using Visibility Sets", which is a collaborative work with Dominik Haumann and Volker Willert.

As usual the talk will take place at 3 pm, building S2|02, room A102.

2nd Best Paper Award for myHealthAssistant

myHealthAssistantThe Best Paper Award of the International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI 2013) is granted to Christian Seeger, Jens Sauer, Kristof Van Laerhoven, and Alejandro Buchmann for the paper titled A Publish/Subscribe Middleware

19.09.2013, 15.00h - Talk from Prof. Philip Koopman, Carnegie Mellon University - External Runtime Monitoring for Critical Embedded Systems

The talk will take place on Thursday, September 19, at 15:00h Room A102.

Topic: External Runtime Monitoring for Critical Embedded Systems

Prof. Philip Koopman, Carnegie Mellon University