TUDμNet is a metropolitan-scale federation of wireless sensor network testbeds deployed at various buildings of the TU Darmstadt. TUDμNet 's infrastructure is composed by several types of low-power, wireless sensor nodes like the TelosB. Each sensor node is powered via USB from a hub (rather than batteries). USB hubs are attached to a gateway running a customized OpenWRT. This facilitates the uploading of new programs and the direct capture of nodes' data. Gateways, in turn, are connected via a high-speed backbone to a central server, which controls and manages the entire federation.

We are working on three sites. The first one is located at the Databases and Distributed System's group offices at the Piloty building, which sits at the Computer Science Department, and it's a typical office environment. The second one is at the TIZ building, where a disaster scenario arena is monitored with a grid of CO2 sensor nodes, among others. The third site is the surPLUShome, an award-winning solar house.

The testbed is mainly used to facilitate the evaluation of our own research projects, i.e., event-driven workflow programming with ukuFlow, network structuring with Scopes, in-network data processing, and heterogeneity support, among others, but other researchers are welcome to use it on request.


Further information about TUDμNet can be found here.

A short clip showcasing the deployment can be found in YouTube ("https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNdFzyJc4d4"):