13.03.2013, 15.00h Regular GK meeting

Talk from Rodrigo do Carmo

Title: "Active Intrusion Detection in Self-Organized Wireless Multihop Networks: PhD Plan"

Abstract: Wireless Multihop Networks are particularly vulnerable to attacks, since they feature constraint nodes, multihop communication, and an open wireless communication channel. These features limit the feasibility of the deployment of contemporary Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): centralized systems fail because there is no strict network boundary, and distributed and/or cooperative systems challenge the limited resources of the nodes. As a result, practical IDSs for wireless multihop networks are scarce, and existing systems are limited with respect to detection capabilities. In this talk I will present my ongoing research on a mobile, active-probing-based intrusion detection system. Exploiting mobility allows to mitigate the limitations of distributed, node-dependent systems. The active nature of the system achieves detection capabilities beyond that of a purely passive system.