10.04.2013, 15.00h Regular GK meeting

We will have two talks scheduled for our GK meeting, one from Javier López, a newly incoming PhD student, and one from Karen Petersen:

Talk from Javier López:

Title: Development of a modular Kalman Filter based sensor fusion algorithm for air vehicles

Abstract: Kalman Filter is nowadays one of the most used tool to perform sensor fusion in navigation environments, i.e. combine information from several different sensors to obtain the optimal navigation solution. However, there is no single algorithm for Kalman Filter and each of them must be adapted to the concrete problem. The aim of this thesis is to provide the fundamentals of a rapid prototyping tool for sensor fusion algorithms.

It is based on a modular software structure and will provide the basic blocks and needed interfaces for a flawless interaction, allowing the user to reconfigure, adapt and also create new blocks and functions.


Talk from Karen Petersen:

Topic: Supervised Task Allocation for Heterogeneous Robot Teams in Urban Search and Rescue

Abstract: This is a test run for an invited talk at the IEEE ICRA workshop

"Towards Fully Decentralized Multi-Robot Systems: Hardware, Software and Integration"