22.10.2013, 15.00h Talk by Prof. Paolo Frasca, University of Twente

The speaker will be presenting "Pairwise-Optimal Graph Partitioning by Gossiping Robots", which includes interesting aspects about communication and coordination of multi-robot or mobile sensor systems.

In this talk I will introduce the problem of graph partitioning, which is a discrete counterpart of  well-known problems of partition optimization for robotic networks, typically solved by Voronoi partitions. Within this framework, I will present an iterative ``gossip'' algorithm, which involves updating a random pair of regions at each update step. I will show theoretical, simulation, and experimental results that indicate this approach as an effective tool for optimal deployment of a robotic network in a non-convex environment.

Short info:

Paolo Frasca finished his PhD at the Politecnico di Torino in March 2009 (Advisor Sandro Zampieri, who visited the GK in 2011) and is currently working at the University of Twente as an Assistant Professor in the group of Hybrid Systems.

From his Website:

My research interests are in the mathematical theory of systems and control and its connections with network science. I am specially working on robotic and sensor networks, social networks, modeling and control of natural and artificial swarms, and other problems involving an interplay of control and communication.

For more information, visit http://calvino.polito.it/~frasca/index.htm