06.11.2013, 15.00h Talk by Dingwen Yuan

Title: Let's Talk Together - Understanding Concurrent Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks

Date: WED, 06.10.2013, 15:00h

Room A102, Building S202 

Speaker: Dingwen Yuan, SEEMOO, TU Darmstadt


Wireless sensor networks are increasingly applied to scenarios that simultaneously demand for high packet reliability and short delay. A promising technique to achieve this goal is concurrent transmission, i.e. multiple nodes transmit identical or different packets in parallel. Practical implementations of concurrent transmission exist, yet its performance is not well understood due to the lack of expressive models that accurately predict the success of packet reception. We experimentally investigate the two phenomena that can occur during concurrent transmission depending on the transmission timing and signal strength, i.e. constructive interference and capture effect. Equipped with the thorough understanding of these two phenomena, we propose an accurate prediction model for the reception of concurrent transmission. The extensive measurements carried out with varying number of transmitters, packet length and signal strength verify the excellent quality of our model, which provides a valuable tool for protocol design and simulation of concurrent transmission in WSNs.