04.12.2013, 15.00h Talk by Iliya Gurov

In our next GKmM seminar on Wednesday, December 4th, Iliya Gurov will talk about the work he has recently done, namely: “On the Selection of Testbeds for the Evaluation of Sensor Network Protocols and Applications” and point out some future directions that he wants to pursue.



Wireless sensor network protocols and applications typically need to be evaluated and tested not only using simulators but also on testbeds. Usually, the higher the number of different testbeds has been used, the more significant the obtained results are considered to be. However, it is often unclear whether the used testbeds actually expose protocols and applications to significantly different experimental conditions. Experiments involving a high number of testbeds are very time-consuming and cumbersome to run, but cannot guarantee that a protocol or application has been evaluated or tested in significantly different scenarios. In this paper, we argue that a systematic methodology that allows describing how significant the differences between testbeds actually are is needed. As a first step towards the definition of this methodology, we define several quantitative properties that can be used to describe and compare testbeds in a coherent and uniform manner. Furthermore, we describe how we plan to use our methodology to allow researchers to automatically select - out of a set of testbeds - those that are most adequate to run a specific experiment.