"Extreme Sensing Contest" at IPSN '07 in Boston

Three students, Pablo Guerrero, Arthur Herzog and Daniel Jacobi, are participating in the first "Extreme Sensing Competition" at IPSN '07 at MIT in Boston, USA.

"Each team will need to build a sensor system using five sensors or less that can count people walking through a 10ft x 10ft arena. In Phase 1, the arena will be placed in a high traffic area and all teams will sense normal foot traffic from conference attendees for a duration of 10 minutes. Points will be awarded for correct detections and subtracted for false positives and false negatives. In Phase 2, each team must try to walk through the arena 10 times without being detected by their opponents' sensors, in order to increase their own score while decreasing the scores of their opponents. Results will be broadcast live during Phase 1, providing each team an opportunity to discern ho wthe other systems work and how they might fail. For more details about the competition, and how to enter, visit the URL listed above. The grand prize will be a Nintendo Wii." (Competition Website)

You can find more details here.