Talk: "FrameComm: Framelet Based Communication for Wireless Sensor Networks", Dr. Utz Rödig, Lancaster University

 Thu, 26.3.2009, 10:00h, S306/348

 FrameComm: Framelet Based Communication for Wireless Sensor Networks

 Wireless sensor nodes employ a duty cycle to conserve
energy. To implement a duty cycle a sensor node constantly switches
the communication transceiver between listen and sleep state. If a
listen/sleep cycle of the receiver is known a sender can transmit a
trail of identical packets, called framelets, of which the receiver is
guaranteed to receive one. Such framelet based communication
mechanisms are currently used in deployed sensor networks. However,
the used framelet communication mechanisms do not explore the full
potential of this communication mechanism. In this talk I will present
a number of framelet communication enhancements that can be used to
implement features such as priority interrupts, data aggregation and
location estimation within the medium access control protocol.

Short Bio:
 Dr. Utz Rödig is a member of the Computing Department and the
Communication Systems Department, both of which are part of the
InfoLab21 at Lancaster University, UK. Dr. Rödig has been working
at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland as well as Technische
Universität Darmstadt (TUD), Germany.
 His research interest are in the area of Wireless Sensor Networks
with particular emphasis on the topics of quality of service
and security.