"Visual Interfaces for Smart Vehicle Networks", Nicholas F. Polys Ph.D.

Location: A126 in the Piloty-Building S2|02

Visual Interfaces for Smart Vehicle Networks
Nicholas F. Polys Ph.D.

This seminar presents recent work from Virginia Tech and the Naval Postgraduate
School including a set of data transformation and runtime components that make
managing, analyzing, and sharing autonomous vehicle mission data easier.
Integration of data from disparate sources is be enhanced through the use of
standard messaging protocols and standards-based geo-referencing technologies.
These components enable easy visual representation of state and mission data
(simulated or real, archived or real-time) obtained from a single autonomous
vehicle or a heterogeneous team of vehicles.

There is an increasingly desperate market for such software, because current
tools for monitoring and operation of autonomous vehicles fall far short of user
needs. For example, current tools do not allow easy integration of data from
experiments or simulations. Vehicle state data, network state data, mission
sensor data, and terrain data are cumbersome to incorporate and visualize in
existing visualization environments. This talk will outline our progress and
discuss the challenges and opportunities for further research and
multi-disciplinary synergy.

With best regards,
Oskar von Stryk