Talk: "Tracking Dynamics Using Sensor Networks: Some Recurring Themes", Prof. Krithi Ramamritham

Location: S202 / A102 



Tracking Dynamics Using Sensor Networks: Some Recurring Themes



Much of the data consumed today is dynamic, typically gathered from distributed sources including sensors, and used in real-time monitoring and decision making applications. Large scale sensor networks are being deployed for applications such as detecting leakage of hazardous material, tracking forest fires or environmental monitoring. Many of these natural phenomena require estimation of their future states, based on the observed dynamics. Strategically deployed sensors can operate unattended and provide the ability to continuously monitor the phenomena and help respond to the changes in a timely manner. In this talk, we show that in-network aggregation, in-network prediction, and asynchronous information dissemination form sound building blocks for addressing the challenges in developing low overhead solutions to monitor changes without requiring prior knowledge about the (dynamics of) the phenomena being monitored.



Prof. Krithi Ramamritham was full professor at U. Mass. Amherst before moving back to India in 2001, where he is now Vijay and Sita Vashee Chair Professor in the Department of Computer Sc. and Engg. at IIT Bombay. He received his PhD from the University of Utah and also holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Sydney. He is fellow of IEEE, ACM and a member of the Indian Academy of Engineering.

His research explores timeliness and consistency issues in computer systems, in particular, databases, real-time systems, and distributed applications.
Recent work addresses these issues in the context of Dynamic Data in sensor networks, embedded systems, mobile environments and the web.
During the last few years he has been interested in the use of Information and Communication Technologies for creating tools aimed at socio-economic development

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Organizer: A. Buchmann