Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Graber

Graber Email graber[at] fsr[dot] tu-darmstadt [dot] de
Room L1|01-570
Phone +49 (0)6151 16-6712
Fax +49 (0)6151 16-5434
Postal Address Technische Universität Darmstadt
Department of Computer Science
Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control
Otto-Bernd-Straße 2
64287 Darmstadt

Research Interests

My Research interests includes optical state estimation as well as model based navigation algorithms to develop a purely Optical Navigation System (ONS).

  • Navigation Systems
    • Optical navigation
    • Model based navigation algorithms
  • System Theory
    • Vision based state estimation
    • Data fusion

Why optically?

In the 1950th James Gibson pointed out that the visual perception is one of the most important sensory cues used by humans to navigate or interact with a dynamic environment [1]. Therefore Optical Navigation Systems (ONS) are a new promising approach espacially for indoor applications.

 [1] J. Gibson. The perception of Visual World. Houghton Millfin, Boston, 1950.

Ph.D. Thesis (Working Title)

"A model-based Optical Navigation System (ONS)"


Projects for Student Participation

  • Recognition of Independent Moving Objects in a static environment via optical flow
  • Investigation and comperison of up-to-date stereoscopic depth estimation algorithms

You are interested in another topic? Please feel free to ask me personally or via eMail.