(Talk) Dr. Yang Gao, Surrey Space Centre - Pushing the boundary of low-cost small spacecraft applications and technologies

Date: Monday, January 24, 2011, 4:30pm

Room: A102



Dr. Yang Gao, University of Surrey



Surrey Space Centre - Pushing the boundary of low-cost small spacecraft applications and technologies



The Surrey Space Centre (SSC) at University of Surrey in the UK is a strong academic research centre comprising over 100 academics, research staffs and PhD students specializing in advanced space engineering technologies. SSC is the birth place of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), a world-known small spacecraft manufacturer. SSC is the research hub for SSTL and in return can obtain access to Space and realize practical aspects of its research in a timely manner, given the fact SSTL launches on average more than one spacecraft per year. The research activities within SSC are multi-disciplinary and cover all aspects of space engineering ranging from astrodynamics, propulsion to communication and signal processing. This talk will focus on SSC R&D activities on space robotics and autonomous systems that have synergies with the research at TU Darmstadt. The speaker will present the latest research findings and results in supporting new planetary robotic missions including UK MoonLITE and ESA ExoMars.


Speaker's Short Biography:

Dr. Yang Gao is the lecturer in Spacecraft Autonomy and heads the Autonomy & AI Research Group at Surrey Space Centre. She and her group (currently consisting of 4 postdoc fellows and 6 PhD students) specialize in AI computing, machine vision and bionics with applications to space robotics and system design. Dr. Gao has 10 years of research experience in solving robotics and control problems using AI techniques. Since 2004, she has been a Principle Investigator, Co-Investigator,  Technical Lead, and/or Project Manager of internationally teamed projects, funded by European Commission (EU), European Space Agency (ESA), UK Research Council and Royal Academy of Engineering, as well as industrial companies like EADS Astrium and SSTL. She is also actively involved in space mission design and promoting the Surrey 'low-cost' engineering approach. As a result, Dr.

Gao is involved in international missions and proposals such as ExoMars, MoonLITE, Moonraker, EJMS, and LunarNet, etc. Further details can be found at personal website http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/SSC/profiles?s_name=Yang_Gao