Interview Talk: Philipp M. Scholl (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Title: Shape Tracking of Ropes with Embedded Sensors,

Presenter: Philipp M. Scholl (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)


Seamlessly integrating high-tech localization support into the current techniques of firefighting mission is still an open research question.
Working in a burning, smoke-filled and unknown building poses special requirements and challenges to the navigation support system and the firefighters. Becoming disoriented in such an environment means a life-threatening risk for the firefighters, not only because of their limited air supply. The current technique employed by firefighters to handle such risks is by using a "life-line", a specialized rope or a fire-hose attached to the entry point of the building.
Based on current navigational techniques, this talk will specify research in a sensor-system, embedded in a deformable linear rope-like object to sense its geometrical shape by measuring its mechanical deformation. Measuring the bending and curvature of such a deformable linear object should allow to reconstruct its posture (and therefore its position) in 3-dimensional space.
This reconstructed posture can then be used to localize firefighting teams currently carrying such an instrumented "life-line", to detect critical situations like rope entanglement, to give additional information to mission control about the positions of deployed teams, and to support their navigation.