Participation is open to all qualified applicants, but the number of participants is limited. In case we receive more applications, we will select participants based on their work area and background, geographic distribution, and date of registration.


The summer school registration fee is 400 Euro. This fee includes the school itself, lunch and coffee breaks, and accommodation (Sep 28- Oct 2, 4 nights). Rooms are shared between two people. Detailed information about the registration fee will be sent within the confirmation e-mail. Please note that bank transfer will be the only payment method.


The school starts on Sunday 28th and ends on Thursday 2nd in the afternoon.


To apply to the summer school, each participant needs to

  1. prepare a LaTeX manuscript using the provided template (1 page only!), which can be downloaded from here
  2. pack all the files (.tex, .pdf, .bib and necessary pictures) in a compressed file (zip, tar, tgz or gz will do) and submit it via EasyChair (, and lastly
  3. fill in the registration form here.


Application deadline: 15 July 2014

Extended application deadline: 8 August 2014

Early applications are welcome.

If you are already registered, and you want to modify your profile, you can login by clicking here.