Summer School on "Monitoring and Coordination Across Networked Autonomous Entities"

The Summer School is over!

It was a great scientific and cultural experience to the 57 participating research scientists and Ph.D. students from 13 countries. Various pictures from the event are available for download. All lecture material is available to the participants via the internal pages (login).


Heterogeneous networks of sensors and unmanned vehicles open avenues for a class of novel applications. Tasks ranging from environmental monitoring to user support within emergency-response scenarios require fundamental, multidisciplinary research, typically spanning Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering topics.

The overall goal is to enable the transition towards a cooperative, adaptive and responsive monitoring using networked, autonomous entities. The solutions will comprise an array of devices ranging from inexpensive, tiny, low power sensor nodes, through unmanned autonomous vehicles, and all the way up to resource rich, powerful command stations. The heterogeneity in communication mechanisms, processing capabilities and inherent mobility of the different devices has been defined to be the Mixed-Mode Environment.


This international summer school sets out to survey the state of the art in several highly important subareas of the above research domains. The lectures and tutorials will be held by renowned speakers from academia and industry.

The summer school will also provide a good opportunity to get to know other academic, industry and government researchers working in this field, to meet distinguished scholars, and to establish contacts that may lead to research collaborations in the future. This 5-day event will feature a number of different activities like lectures, hands-on tutorials, reading sessions and social events.

The summer school is organized by the Research Training Group Cooperative, Adaptive and Responsive Monitoring in Mixed Mode Environments, funded by the German Research Foundation, DFG, under grant GRK 1362 and endorsed by the EURON SIG on Cooperative Robotics.

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