The competition topic is a scaled down variant of a disaster scenario. Here, an area is initially covered by a fully connected network of sensor nodes, which know their location and who monitor the state of the enviroment (for example environment temperature). Task I is to build a map and routing table for the existing network of nodes using a robot that receives data from the sensor nodes. Each team has 5 minutes to complete this task. After these 5 minutes, a disaster strikes, with some sensor nodes getting destroyed, some getting relocated and some staying at their original position. The network is partitioned into several groups post-disaster. For Task II,  the combination of the mobile robot and the sensor network has to be used to achieve the following tasks:

  • Identification of nodes that have moved/disappeared
  • Moving nodes to restore full connectivity (we're thinking about using nodes inside tennis balls for this)
  • Creating a map of node position post-disaster
  • collect as much sensor data over the largest area as possible

There will be 3-4 teams of 10-15 people each. The competition will be set up so the same scenario is played back to all teams, with code submitted by them before the competition starts, so no advantage is given to any team through last minute knowledge of the scenario.

It is intended to use TurtleBots for the mixed-mode-challenge.
Technical details about the used sensors and robot platform will be given soon.