Social Events

Day Activity
Sunday Night Guard tour (website in German: Castle Ebernburg
Monday Wine Tasting
Tuesday Get-together at the castle
Wednesday Afternoon: visiting a barefoot path/park (good weather) / a mine (otherwise)
Evening: Rittermahl
Thursday BBQ at the castle



Wine Tasting

A local vintner will provide some of his wine and local food specialties for a nice evening, with stories about growing, tasting and enjoying wine.

Barbecue Location

Rittermahl: The Great Feast at the Knights Board

As the main social event we will organize a dinner in the style of the late middle age near castle Kauzenburg (website in German).

While the lord of the castle, drummers, minstrels and fanfare players organize a medieval spectacle, the guests can eat for 2.5 hours a lusty meal, where kind maids and squires urge you to follow table manners from ancient times. You dine with dagger and fingers.

Medieval Dinner

Barbecue at the Castle

It is planned to have a Barbeque on Thursday evening as the last joint evening of the summer school at the castle. It will take place in the courtyard of the castle.